Thursday, November 24, 2016

Safari birthday cake

Happy 3rd birthday Ishanth

Thanks Prethila  for repeat order.

Handmade edible 3d safari animals:-
Snake, bird, monkey, lion, elephant, tiger and giraffe.

Message received from Prethila:-
*Jessica what can i say....this is the second time u hv made it so memorable for us with yr creative n blessed gift of baking beautiful personalised cakes....Thank you sooooo much...n oh ya i still have the fondant lightning mcqueen which you did for our first boys cake which was 5 years ago...You never fail to touch our hearts with your talent...Your cake was the centre of attraction in our party!!!!⁠⁠⁠⁠
Thanks Jessica...he loved his cake...
😍😍😍 its very memorable n precious yo us...*

Birthday cake album for Prethila family
2011 Shivanth's 1st birthday -Lightning McQueen and Toys story cake
2016 Ishanth's 3rd birthday-Safari cake

So surprised when i heard from Prethila that she still keep Woody and McQueen figurines for Five years.It still look nice. :) Thanks Prethila .

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