Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby TV theme birthday cake

Happy 1 st birthday Alisha

Thanks Fadzlena for ordered.

Free hand mold edible sugar Baby TV characters:
Oliver, Tulli, Hungry Henry,Pim & Prmba, Mitch Match, Kenny & Goorie,
Butterfly, rainbow,Babyhood and........

Message received from Fadzlena:
*Hi Jessica,. The cake was lovely!! Everyone loving it!
My daughter love it so much, she was so happy to see the Oliver on top!! Thank you again!*


mel^^mel said...

Hi there, may i knw how much does it cost for a similiar babytv theme cake like this?

Bells said...

my son would love a cake like this for his 1st birthday (with special emphasis on Oliver the monkey as his name is Oliver), how much roughly would it cost?

thanks, Ella

samieejaynee said...

How much for just a cake with Oliver on it?

Jones Morris Top 10 said...

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