Thursday, June 30, 2011

IPhone and Cut-the-rope cake and cupcakes

3D IPhone cake and Cut-the-rope cupcakes

Happy birthday Dimplehead

Thanks Brigette Liberty for ordered.

SMS received from Brigette:

*Thank you so much the cake and cupcakes was a hit!!

I will write a testimonial for you if you have a link for me to do it at. Thank you.


Brigette Liberty said...

TQ SO MUCH! Prompt and easy ordering through phone and emails and results that speak for themselves!

Totally made my bf's BBq party and everyone couldn't stop taking pictures because the detailing was so well done! And the surprise bday girl was so happy and the cupcakes looked EXACTLY like the actual cartoon :)

I actually thought the cake wouldn 't be nice to eat and kept it in the fridge for a week but after heating it up slightly we found it so YUMMY.

TQ :)

Brigette Liberty said...

Here is my blog post on it!


wendy perez said...

Where can I get info about ordering?